Internet Radio Station

One of the most relevant applications that Indamixx offers. Marrying the small form factor of Indamixx and the genius of IDJC, the combination of these two products provides a new synergy product that is ideal for broadcasters, podcasters, DJ’s or anyone who desires to share their audiovia the internet. Utilizing Icecast2 to publish audio and the portability of Indamixx we are left to only declare one word for content delivery on the go… ‘Perfect’! For all of you Audio Ninjas out there, IDJC is Indamixxs’ best secret weapon! Detailed information about IDJC can be found at

Hydrogen Drum Machine

Professional and simple pattern based drum programming. Excellent drum machine utilizing the best features of well known software applications and hardware devices. Similar to Fruity Loops in software and the famous MPC drum machine in hardware. Hydrogen is the perfect hybrid of both. The addition of a graphical user interface or GUI with the ability to view a ‘mixer’ with effects and utilizing 260 real time plug-ins, Hydrogen starts where others stop. Hydrogen’s ‘graphical’ nature allows it to become both a powerful sampler and a step recorder / sequencer.

Mixxx Digital DJ Software

Mixxx 1.6 – Virtual DJ Software – Indamixx Edition. Feature rich DJ software application similar to Serato’s Scratch Live or Stanton’s Final Scratch. 2 virtual turntables, beat mixing, song sync, multiple CODEC recognition for headphone ‘cueing’ and easy to use interface makes Mixxx a valuable and practical piece of software for Indamixx.

Energy XT 2.1


Energy XT 2.1 – Indamixx Edition – Exquisite Loop Based MIDI Sequencer. This popular application makes music making easy by allowing the user to simply drag and drop their favorite loops and samples into an audio session. Simple but powerful… Energy XT is a full blown DAW rivaling applications such as Logic and Fruity loops. Combining Energy XT with Indamixx creates something on one else offers, a pocket sized ‘baby Logic’ machine, or should we say dream? Detailed information about Energy XT can be found at

Multi Track DAW

Ardour 2.8.1 – Powerful Multi-track DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) – This is the premiere application of the Indamixx portable recording studio. Rivaling applications such as Pro Tools and Nuendo, Ardour is a brilliant yet elegant full featured recording application. Detailed information about Ardour can be found at

Portable Power

Indamixx is a full featured hand held recording studio. Indamixx provides a robust multi-track recording environment that allows a user to record, edit, equalize, audition and mix audio, songs or sound files (wav, mp3, ogg vorbis, flac, aiff) at sample rates up to 32 bit at 96Khz. Indamixx comes with three digital audio workstation (DAW) applications, beginner, advanced and professional. Whether you are just starting out with audio production or are a seasoned veteran, Indamixx contains many audio applications to suit your production needs.