Best chrome extension tools used for teaching purposes

Best chrome extension tools used for teaching purposes

This article continues a series of interesting articles about technology tools for the music classroom. A key feature of Google Chrome is the ability to customize the web browser experience and create a personal experience using add-ons and extensions. Add-ons are combined with Google Workspace app tools to extend new functionality. The rest of Chrome extensions are small software programs that enhance web browsing capabilities. For music teachers, there are many add-ons and extensions that are not only useful but also fun!

Google Chrome adds on music

Google Add-ons are useful and malicious features built into individual Google tools like Docs, Slides, and Gmail, promoting increased efficiency and diversifying their functionality. We’re more than just an extension to these tools, we’re delivering great experiences. To install an add-on, simply search for the “Add-ons” menu in the respective app and select “Get Add-ons”. Additionally, you can also easily find and explore more add-ons through the Google Workspace Marketplace.

Music Snippet

Music Snippet

In fact, Music Snippet (formerly known as Flat for Docs) is a great add-on that I not only use but also enjoy. Equipped with an exclusive feature, music clips allow you to add music icons directly to Google Docs or Slides easily and conveniently! You can create a single pattern, two patterns, a pattern specifically for guitar and ukulele, or even a pattern without pitch.

This flexibility is really useful when you are creating digital materials to support student learning or asking students to create their own musical products. Don’t hesitate to visit this blog post to discover more about this great feature: Musical Notation – Musical Notation for Google Docs.

Guitar Chord Tools

Guitar Chord Tool, an amazingly useful app, has been developed for Google Docs, to provide additional unique features to users. With the ability to automatically transpose guitar chords and highlight them with various color tones, this tool provides a great experience for editing sheet music and lyrics in Google documents. The process of installing and using this utility is simple, users only need to follow a few simple steps and the tool will automatically explain to them how to use it naturally and easily.


Autocrat is a reliable and effective add-on tool, native to Google Sheets, that helps create the ultimate streamline. With the ability to take data from Google Sheets and incorporate them into informational documents through a unique template, Autocrat has become indispensable for dynamic music teachers. Reality has proven that Autocrat not only saves time but also helps improve our work efficiency!

First, you simply launch the information process from a Google Sheet – in my case, a Google Form Icon is often the tool for gathering this important information. Next, you can create a nice eye-catching template in a Google Docs or Google Pages presentation, and use tags to specify where the content is imported. You just need to run Autocrat through Google Sheets and the most logical process will take place as a color is allowed!

The end result will be a single document for each entry or a comprehensive document containing all input information. What’s even more interesting is that you can ask Autocrat to send an email with documents, conveniently and smartly!

I’ve leveraged the power of Autocrat to create music rack name tags, proud certificates, participation forms, and more. To create the music rack tag, I used Google Slides and presented a unique template, using the Inverted text box technique to fold over the rack so the name would be on the right side on both sides. It is a sophisticated and intelligent creation!

Additionally, below is some additional information presented on how to use Autocrat that you can refer to: How to exploit and take advantage of the Autocrat add-on for Google Sheets. Don’t miss the opportunity to experience these great tools, Autocrat will definitely help you become an outstanding creator in your work!

Find out more about Google Sheet at:

Pear Deck

Pear Deck is a great support tool for Google Slides, bringing a unique interactive experience to static presentations. With Pear Deck, you can add interactive questions that students can participate in directly from their personal devices. This not only stimulates students’ engagement in the learning process but also provides a convenient outcome to value and measure in further progress according to their knowledge.

You can use the free version of Pear Deck to ask students short or multiple-choice questions. If you want to expand usability, you can upgrade to a higher version for richer question types. And when the session is over, you can also easily download the entire answer key and collect the necessary data.

I regularly use Pear Deck in band rehearsals, asking an interactive question during each rehearsal stage. No matter what content I present on Google Slides, using Pear Deck helps the content come to life and engage the audience more. Pear Deck offers a wealth of information and detailed instructions on their website:

Chrome Extensions for music teacher

Chrome extensions are great working tools for your Chrome browser. This not only expands your browser’s capabilities, but also allows you to customize your web experience the way you desire. If you’re looking for a great extension for your Chrome browser, visit the Chrome Web Store.

There, you will find a wide variety of useful utility extensions, from tools to increase productivity, organize and organize your work, to other interesting and useful entertainment utilities. . With this convenient extension, you will be able to enjoy a perfect browsing experience that meets all your personal needs and preferences.


Imagining a method of teaching music without the Practical Transformation extension is a difficult task. With the ability to customize the speed and speed of online videos, including those on YouTube, this convenient extension has brought an advantage that cannot be denied. When you’re watching a video on your Chrome browser, click the Transpose extension to access the menu options.


From there, you can change the tone of the video, adjust the speed, adjust the speed (without affecting speed), and loop parts of the video as desired. This is amazing! With the transposition feature, you can more easily put the song into the appropriate phase than it is for your students. At the same time, you can also adjust the tempo to easily sing or play along. It’s true that the Transpose extension has become an indispensable research tool when teaching guitar classes.


Loom is a great Chrome extension that allows you to not only record your screen but also record your voice, creating unique and engaging videos. With Loom, you can not only record your entire screen, but you can also take advantage of the webcam recording feature or combine the two to create high-quality videos. It’s worth noting that you can easily download the created videos or share them via link, making it easy to share knowledge with everyone.

In addition to using Loom to record screen and voice, it’s also a great tool for creating instructional videos for students. You can use it to illustrate and explain the different technology tools students will use throughout the school year. Not only that, you can still use Loom to record exams and share them with students through your screen. Not only does this make your videos more personal, but it also effectively helps students feel close and connected to you.

With a free basic Loom account, you have a powerful tool to create quality videos and convey knowledge with ease. If you’re an educator, you can also sign up for a free professional account to access additional editing features that help you create high-quality videos that meet your teaching needs. me.

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Mote is a special extension created to enhance your experience when using Chrome to create voice comments in the Google Docs, Slides, Sheets, and Classroom apps. With Mote, you can Making leaving your comments is simpler and more beneficial than ever. You just need to speak your thoughts and Mote will automatically rewrite them as comments Personalized feedback experience but also saves time because you can speak faster than typing.

Once you’ve finished working to get voice feedback back, students simply tap the detect button to hear what you said again. Interestingly, Mote also gives users the option to listen to or read audio versions of comments. This is very useful for students who have better listening skills or want to strengthen their reading comprehension skills.

In addition, Mote offers many other great resources on the Learning Center website, specifically for learners. Here you can find training and inspiration to get the most out of Mote.

Remember that every day there are new useful add-ons and utility extensions being developed. You can search and discover useful tools that help you save time and get your work done more easily. However, don’t forget to take the time to learn about these utilities before installing. Ensuring that your personal information remains private and secure is important.