Audio Applications

Audio Applications

Renoise 2.7.2 – Renoise is a contemporary digital audio workstation (DAW) based upon the heritage and development of tracker software. Its primary use is the composition of music using samples (in WAV, AIFF, FLAC, OGG, MP3 format), VST/AU/LADSPA plug-ins, and MIDI sequencing of VSTi/AU soft synths. The main differentiation of Renoise from other music software is the characteristic vertical timeline sequencer used by tracking software, as opposed to the more popular horizontal timeline sequencers. Detailed information about Renoise can be found at

LinuxDSP – ‘Plugin’ audio processing software, think mastering ‘suite’ for Ardour. Detailed information about LinuxDSP can be found at

ArdourXchange – Allows you to import sessions from Pro Tools and many other popular DAWs. Sessions can be transferred to Ardour using the Advanced Authoring Format (commonly known as AAF or AMW). ArdourXchange is the link that makes this possible. Detailed information about ArdourXchange can be found at

Ardour 2.9 – Powerful Multi-track DAW (Digital Audio Workstation) – This is the premiere application of the Indamixx portable recording studio. Rivaling applications such as Pro Tools and Nuendo, Ardour is a brilliant yet elegant full featured recording application. Detailed information about Ardour can be found at

Audacity 1.3.12 – Popular Sound Editor and Lightweight Multi-track DAW. – Custom version of Audacity ported for Jack server client. This feature in Audacity is ideal for users who desire stable, accurate, low latency, real time performance audio operations. Additionally, this version of Audacity is ported for use of the 260 bundled plug-ins that come with the Indamixx Portable Studio. These real time effects are in addition to the standard effects which ‘render’ to file. Detailed information about Audacity can be found at

ALSA Modular Synth – A realtime modular synthesizer and effect processor featuring MIDI controlled modular software synthesis, realtime effect processingand full control of all synthesis and effect parameters via MIDI. Detailed information about ALSA Modular Synth can be found at
Audio CD Extractor – Allows the user to easily extract audio from compact discs and convert it into audio files. Detailed information about Audio CD Extractor can be found at

energy XT 2.5.4 – Indamixx Edition – Exquisite Loop Based MIDI Sequencer. This popular application makes music making easy by allowing the user to simply drag and drop their favorite loops and samples into an audio session. Simple but powerful… Energy XT is a full blown DAW rivaling applications such as Logic and Fruity loops. Combining Energy XT with Indamixx creates something no one else offers, a pocket sized ‘baby Logic’ machine, or should we say dream come true? Detailed information about Energy XT can be found at

Gnome ALSA Mixer – Lightweight mixer to adjust master volume, headphone monitoring, microphone input, and on board speakers. Detailed information about ALSA Mixer can be found at

Gnome CD Master – CD Burning Application. Preferred CD burning software of audio enthusiasts who desire ease of use and control over the amount of spacing or ‘dead air’ between tracks. Detailed information about Gnome CD Master can be found at

Gnome Mplayer – Is a rich and robust media and video player. Detailed information about Mplayer can be found at

Hydrogen 0.94 – Virtual Drum Machine. Professional and simple pattern based drum programming. Excellent drum machine utilizing the best features of well known software applications and hardware devices. Similar to Fruity Loops in software and the famous MPC drum machine in hardware. Hydrogen is the perfect hybrid of both. The addition of a graphical user interface or GUI with the ability to view a ‘mixer’ with effects and utilizing 260 real time plug-ins, Hydrogen starts where others stop. Hydrogen’s ‘graphical’ nature allows it to become both a powerful sampler and a step recorder / sequencer. Indamixx uses it’s on board alpha keyboard to trigger or ‘fire’ drums and samples eliminating the need of an external USB controller. Detailed information about Hydrogen-Drums can be found at

IDJC – Personal Internet Radio Station – Streaming Internet Radio. Robust and ideal streaming internet radio station software. One of the most relevant applications that Indamixx offers. Marrying the small form factor of Indamixx and the genius of IDJC the combination of these two products provides a new synergy product that is ideal for broadcasters, podcasters, DJ’s or anyone who desires to share their audio via the internet. Utilizing Icecast2 to publish audio and the portability of Indamixx we are left to only declare one word for content delivery on the go… ‘Perfect’! For all of you Audio Ninjas out there, IDJC is Indamixxs’ best secret weapon! Detailed information about IDJC can be found at

Mixxx 1.8.1 – Virtual DJ Software – Indamixx Edition. Feature rich DJ software application similar to Serato’s Scratch Live or Stanton’s Final Scratch. 2 virtual turntables, beat mixing, song sync, multiple CODEC recognition for headphone ‘cueing’ and easy to use interface makes Mixxx a valuable and practical piece of software for Indamixx. Once again the combination of the hardware features of Indamixx plus the software features of Mixxx allows Indamixx to provide features the ‘others’ simply cannot. With Indamixx’s touch screen users can beat match and mix with their finger, eliminating the need or expense of any additional external controllers. The use of a touch screen allows for an entirely new category of a users ‘DJ’ experience. Detailed information about Mixxx 1.6 can be found at

QJackControl – Graphical Jack Server Client. Superb graphical transport to control the backend of all of Indamixx’s audio applications. Simply put, the perfect audio engine. QJackControl insures superior application connection similar to Rewire, except, QJackControl is the perfect ‘Ambassador’ to connect and sync all of Indamixx’s audio applications flawlessly. To the Pro Audio crowd a real ‘dream come true’. The ability to connect all of your applications without any hassles, lock ups or crashes. Detailed information about QJackControl can be found at

Rhythmbox Music Player – Rhythmbox is a feature rich audio player that plays and helps organize digital music. Listen to global internet radio stations, download podcast, and locate new music from your favorite artists. Detailed information about Rhythmbox Music Player can be found at

Seq 24 – ‘Old School’ Style Sequencer – Seq24 is an ‘Old School’ style loop based midi sequencer, created to provide a very simple interface for editing and playing midi ‘loops’. Detailed information about Seq24 can be found at

VST Host – VST Host is a software application that allows VST plugins to be loaded and controlled. Put your VST’s in your pocket, without lugging big pieces of audio equipment around. Detailed information about VST Host can be found at

Zynaddsubfx – Analog Synthesizer. Classic type software synth rivaling some of the most popular and expensive synthesizers known. Feature rich, lightweight and compact, Zynaddsubfx is an ideal compliment to the mobile audio enthusiast. Detailed information about Zynaddsubfx can be found at